Zip the Canyon Ocala Florida

A while back The Goofy 5 took a drive up to Ocala Florida to “Zip the Canyons”. This was part of our attempt to do more outside during 2020. This adventure did not disappoint.

I was hesitant at first to join them. A not young, not thin, not athletic woman thought about keeping her feet firmly on the ground and watching from afar.

However, I soon saw I would not be able to watch and participate from the ground and decided to join in on the fun. I am very glad I did!

Zip the Canyons is nestled in the hills of Ocala. It is located over a canyon that used to be an abandoned limestone quarry.

Location of Zip the Canyons

Zip the Canyons is located in Ocala Florida. About 1.5 hours north of Orlando or Disney World on the Florida Turnpike.

Tickets to Zip the Canyons

When you first arrive you wait in a large open field. Where there is also a rock mining activity kids can participate in for a fee. When it is your turn, you get suited up in your harness, gloves, and hard hat. You then board the shuttle bus.

Zip the Canyon Ocala Florida

There are several very small zip lines that you practice on before getting high up in the trees. This gives you a chance to learn how to hook up to the zip line safely, and learn how to slow down, and also make it to the other end if you stopped prematurely!

We had 2 guides on our adventure. One was always ahead, and one behind. This came in handy when one small child in another family did not make it all the way!

Best Time of Year to go to Zip the Canyons

The best time of year to go to Zip the Canyons in Florida is when it starts to get cooler. This is November to February in Central Florida. This is true with most any outside activity here!

Review of Zip the Canyons Ocala Florida

We truly enjoyed our day at Zip the Canyons. It is a little far from Orlando, so it is more of an activity for locals to enjoy, as it is a day trip. It is also a great trip if you happen to be visiting the grandparents in The Villages!

There are other activities available at Zip the Canyons. We will definitely be back for horseback riding!

I would recommend visiting in a cooler time of year, as it gets really hot in Florida. This was a fun and different ziplining adventure for the whole family.

Check out Snowcat Ridge if you are looking for other active family adventures in Central Florida.

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