Revving Up the Excitement: My Tron Ride Review at Disney

The Tron Lightcycle Run at Disney is one of the most highly anticipated new rides at the Magic Kingdom. As a popular attraction at Shanghai Disney since 2016. This unique coaster is now at Walt Disney World.

As experienced riders of the Shanghai Disney version, we were excited to see how the new Tron ride at Disney World compared.

Ride Seats

Once you are on the ride you are in a position where you are riding a motorcycle.

You are leaning forward and there is a bar locked behind your legs. You have a surprising amount of movement to sit upright if you want during the ride.

If you’re not sure you will feel comfortable riding in this position, then I encourage you to try the seats outside the ride.

In addition, there are a few seats on the end of the coaster for those with disabilities that sit up straighter.

You can ride Tron through the virtual queue system or Lightning Lane.

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