SUN, SAND, and SURFING. Nothing could be better on a sunny day in Hawaii. Learn more about our teen boys surf lessons in Kaanapali Maui. Great idea for a Maui surf lesson for kids and teens.

Our two teenage boys wanted to do surf lessons in Hawaii.  They wanted this…

They got this…….

The boys have never surfed before, and after researching, the decision was to do surf lessons on Maui.  We chose Island Style Adventures Surf School. Overall, the experience was great and the boys had a lot of fun. They would definitely do it again.  This was a great experience turned out to be a great location for the best Maui surf lessons for beginners.

maui surf lesson at island style adventures surf school
Island Style Adventures Surf School


Location of Surf School

Our lessons were on the Western Shore of Maui. You arrive in the Kaanapali Resort area (Whalers Village), meet on the beach between the Marriott and Kaanapali Alii Resort in west Maui. 

Island Style Adventures were great with communication and directions. They text you the day before with where and when to meet along with directions, which is great for those of us who have never been to Maui. Nicholas, the manager, met us and explained the day. 

We purchased the semi-private lesson. Our two boys were matched up with one instructor, which made for great “private” time with him.  We purchased the lessons a few weeks in advance, as they tend to sell out. The lessons cost $250.00 total. They encourage tips for the instructor, so bring extra cash.

The Ins and Outs of Our Surf Lesson

maui surf lesson beach

Beginners use a 12-foot surfboard, which makes it easier to stand up.  As a comparison, professionals use a 5-6 ft surfboard. here is a short, onshore lesson, then you go out to the waves. Both boys got a hang of it quickly and were shredding the waves almost immediately.  

Robbie, our instructor, is a professional surfer. He was deeply knowledgeable and personable. Our boys left with some great insights on how to surf, making it easy for the boys to catch their first wave.

There were a few different surf companies out in the water at the same time, so the boys had to be careful not to run into anyone. One time one of my sons had to abandon his board as to not run into another surfer.

As noted in the beginning, the waves were not that big, 1-2 feet total, but this was a great way to learn without a lot of undue pressure or continual failures. My sons were able to get up and surf quickly and now have great memories for a lifetime.

If you wonder if you are too old, or too young to surf, you are not. We saw all ages out there surfing. Island Style Adventures had a few younger kids in our time block and it was great what they did. The instructor was on the surfboard with a younger age. First, they would all lay down/sit and ride a wave, then the instructor would stand and eventually helped the kids stand. Very cool instruction and very safe.

The only downside, was that the lessons were shorter than advertised. we paid for 1 1/2 hrs of lessons, but the boys were done in an hour. Make sure you ask before you book, and then again when you are on the beach, to make sure you get all of the lesson time. 

There was also a photographer named Kelly taking great photos which we were able to purchase at the end of the lesson for $30. The better pictures above are from Kelly. The others are my “non-professional” pics.

What Time is Best Surf Lessons Maui?

We picked the 10 am time thinking it would be better to not be too early. But honestly, it was already hot! I would recommend selecting an earlier time. Especially if you are going to wait and take photos from the beach and not cool off in the water.

Maui Surf Lesson Review

As you can imagine, the boys wanted to keep going. They are now talking about buying boards when we return home to Florida.   Overall, great experience, highly recommend surf lessons if your family is going to Maui. If you are looking for Maui surf lessons for kids or teams, Island Style Adventures is a great way to go. COWABUNGA DUDES!!!

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