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Check out our photos, tips, and review of the food, theme, and gluten-free options! Disney Space 220 is run by the Patina Restaurant Group. The Space 220 Epcot Restaurant will be opened to the public soon. We were lucky enough to go to a test meal before the official opening.

Space 220 Location in Walt Disney World’s Epcot

The Disney World Space 220 Restaurant, is located in the Mission Space ride building on the Future World side of Epcot. The check-in desk is directly on the right of the ride building. You then walk through a corridor around the side of the building before you arrive at the lobby. As with all Walt Disney World table service restaurants, reservations are highly suggested.

Space 220 Theme

This is a unique/theme dining experience. The premise is you are dining amongst the stars while aboard a space station 220 miles above the earth.

Lobby Pictures

When you enter the restaurant you are given a boarding pass and wait for an “elevator” to take you up to the restaurant.

Space 220 Elevators

Once onboard the elevator you are told to “hold on”. You then have views above and below as you pretend to go actually in space, 220 miles above the earth. It is fun to watch the images of Epcot, then Disney World, then Florida disappear on the screen below.

Food Photos and Review

Space 220 Menu

The restaurant has a prix fixe menu. Two courses for the lunch prix fixe menu and three for the dinner prix fixe menu.

The Lift-Off Course is a mix of appetizer-type items and a variety of salads. The Star Course has a good variety of options. The Supernova Sweets (desserts) were pretty heavy on dairy.

Review of the Food at Space 220

Lift-Off Course

Calamari – both my husband and son gave this a great review!

Ceaser salad – was great with tons of flavor and had fun mini Romaine heads. This was confirmed gluten-free without the croutons, but as always confirm.

Space Greens – my son enjoyed this salad, and it was very large.

Star Course

Florida Red Snapper – both my husband and son had the snapper. They said it was really good.

Roasted Chicken – the chicken was excellent! Super juicy and just yummy! It was not marked gluten-free on the menu, but they assured me it was. Make sure to confirm when you go.

Satellite sides – extra charge

We also had the roasted fingerling potatoes which were delicious and nice and crispy!

Supernova Sweets

Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake – was the clear winner!

Lemon Mousse – really good and we liked the theming with the chocolate rings. But it was pretty tart with both making a face with the first bite!

Chocolate Cheesecake – This was the gluten-free dessert option. Although it was not marked on the menu. I confirmed several times that the cookie crumbs were gluten-free. They did tell me to ask again if we dined again.

Portion sizes

We were very happy with the portion sizes of all the items. My son compared this experience to a Disney cruise, as that is probably the only prix fixe meal he has had before. However, the portions were larger and the food was better.

Space 220 Epcot Gluten free Review

There was no dedicated Space 220 allergy menu. I hope they add one in the future. There were several items marked gluten-free. They assured me other choices were as well, or that they could be made gluten-free. The GF marks on the menu were very small and were easily confused with others. I do not think anything was marked dairy-free. I am gluten sensitive but not allergic or Celiac, so I am not concerned about cross-contamination. I would recommend you speak with a chef if dining at this WDW location.

Overall Review of Space 220

We thoroughly enjoyed this meal. The theming was great. It was unique and fun. The large “windows” in the dining area reminded me of the Epcot Coral Reef Restaurant. It reminded my son of Animator’s Palate on the Disney Dream, as there were space objects that floated past the windows. I personally enjoyed the view of the earth from above!

The food was excellent! We were very happy with the portion sizes. My son compared this experience to a Disney cruise as that is probably the only prix fixe meal he has had before. The portions were larger and the food was better.

If you have allergies I would recommend reading the menu before you arrive and definitely talk to the chef.

We really enjoyed this meal, thought it was worth it, and would definitely love to go back!

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