Showcase of Citrus Clermont Florida

At the Showcase of Citrus in Clermont, Florida you can have some old-fashioned family fun. Showcase of citrus is located outside of Orlando, Florida in a rural area right off US hwy 27. This is a great family gem right in Lake County. See photos and our review!

The Goofy 5 have been exploring destinations in our backyard of Central Florida even more since March of 2020. One of them we have previously visited in March of 2015 when our children were younger is the Showcase of Citrus. The Showcase of Citrus is a family-owned and operated 2,500-acre estate with over 50 varieties of citrus that began in 1989. It is located on Highway 27 in the southern part of Clermont. It is not far from Walt Disney World.

Clermont is a very pretty part of Florida. It has many lakes, including Lake Apopka which is the fourth largest lake in the U.S. state of Florida. In the flat state of Florida, Clermont actually has hills!

Panoramic view of the city of Clermont and Sugarloaf Mountain  from atop the Florida Citrus Tower
Sugarloaf Mountain – the fifth highest named point in the state of Florida. 

Who do we Recommend Showcase of Citrus For?

Families with younger children who live within an hour’s drive. Or those looking to spend the day outside and pick citrus or go on the monster truck ride.

When do we Recommend Visiting?

January to March for the cooler weather and if you would like to pick citrus.

U-Pick Citrus

We went to Showcase of Citrus after the lifting of the stay at home order in May 2020. We went with the intent to pick oranges and grapefruit. When arriving we found ample parking and signage around the property.

We proceeded to the counter to buy a bag to go picking. We had already consulted the “What’s in Season” Showcase of Citrus map below and believed there would be valencia oranges, grapefruit, and lemons ripe for picking.

Map of Showcase of Citrus in Clermont, Florida.  What's in Season?
Map of Showcase of Citrus in Clermont, Florida. What’s in Season?

We did manage to find oranges and grapefruit, but not in the areas we were directed to start picking. The “pickings” were slim. We found mostly green fruit on the trees, or ones that were beginning to brown. We recommend calling ahead to find out what is in season.

We paid $20 for a large yellow bag as we were very late in the season. We picked about 20 oranges and 10 grapefruits. We were hesitant to pick anything with any green as it was stated that citrus does not continue to ripen after it is picked. We picked some with some brown, and as my husband said “give ugly a chance”, and we were glad we did! Both the Valencia Oranges (also made great juice!) and the grapefruit were delicious!

Photos from the Showcase of Citrus

Monster Truck Tours

If you are looking for a way to see Florida agriculture and scenery, then this monster-truck off-road eco tour at Showcase of Citrus may be fun. Especially if you have little ones who love trucks!

We did not go on a monster truck ride. However, we could see our 6-year-old nephew really enjoying it. Make sure you check out Showcase of Citrus on Groupon for discounts. However, in May 2020 they are not accepting Groupons.

The Website states: “Comfortably tour the 2,500 acre working citrus and cattle ranch estate from 12 feet up, in one of our giant trucks for approximately an hour. Mesmerizing visitors of all ages, the mammoth size of the vehicles is staggering, and they are fun to ride on. The tour guides are also happy to assist with photos on and next to the 14 foot wide, 16 foot tall, 40 foot long, behemoth trucks.”

Farm Animals and Playground

We saw chickens and an ostrich. There are also goats, pigs, a miniature horse, kangaroo, donkeys, and other friendly critters. Animal feed is available in the store.

There is a nice play area for the kids along with the farm animal area. Our teens even enjoyed how close up they could get to the ostrich.

Showcase of Citrus Fishing

showcase of citrus fishing

You can fish in the catch and release lake. Bring your own rod and supplies, but you don’t need a fishing license.

Old Time Country Store

Right now the country store is operating in a limited fashion. But the website states:

“There is so much to choose from in the Old Time Country Store. The Showcase of Citrus is world-famous for its 100% natural orange juice slushy and its creamsicle, a tasty treat any time of the day! We focus on locally made small-batch, hand-crafted jams, jellies, hot sauces, BBQ sauces, fruit-based salsas, dressings, tropical fruit wines, and more! If you are looking for the perfect Florida souvenir, gift, or something for yourself, we have it.”

There seemed to be a lot of fun local products available. The last time we visited in 2015 we tried the gator chili and the frozen yogurt!

Showcase of Citrus Price

Pricing can be found on their website.

Showcase of Citrus Hours of Operation

The website states they are open every day but check for hours as in May 2020 they were limited.

Pet Friendly!

Showcase of Citrus is pet-friendly! We brought our dog both last time and this time! FYI, Thunder did get a lot stuck in his fur this trip, necessitating a bath when we returned home.

Showcase of Citrus Review

We recommend the Showcase of Citrus as a low-cost afternoon out with small children, or to spend time outdoors in nature, if you live within 30-60 minute drive. It is also nice if you want to pick citrus, as there are not many places in Central Florida that offer this experience. It is definitely small town, old fashioned, cheap family fun. It is a good alternative to the more expensive crowded tourist attractions in Orlando. We recommend you pair this activity with exploring the town of Clermont, exploring Lake Louisa, or at the Clermont Historic Village Museum.

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