The Ratatouille ride Epcot opening is set for October 1st, 2021.  The ride is set inside Walt Disney World in the France Pavilion in Epcot.  It is named Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure.  We were able to ride early as part of a cast and annual pass member preview.  

Inside the New Ratatouille Area​

The new Ratatouille area is set behind the current France pavilion, off the the right.  The area includes a fountain, a sit down restaurant, a crepe stand and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure ride.  There are several fun photo spots. Merchandise is available at a cart. 

Ratatouille Merchandise

Food Inside the New Ratatouille Epcot Area

My daughter and her friend decided to have the crepes which they both said were really yummy!  I unfortunately did not find anything gluten and dairy free to eat.  

Remy’s Adventure Ratatouille Ride

There is a long walk to the ride which is themed well, just like all Disney rides.   You pick up 3D glasses which are a better version then many of the Disney ride ones. 

Inside the ride you a board car which is shaped like a mouse.  This is your first indication you will be a mouse like Remy for the ride!  The cars hold 3-4 per row with 2 rows each.  They reminded me of the cars in the Figment and Dinosaur rides.

Once on the ride you “shrink down” to mouse size and follow Remy around through the kitchen, dining room, under the tables, etc!  The screen is very large.  You do move through the areas in a moderate speed, but I only felt a little disoriented visually for a brief second.  

There is a water spray a few times as well for a 4D effect.  I did try to take photos, but due to the 3D effects, they all came out blurry!

Review of Remy’s Adventure Ratatouille Ride Epcot Opening

Right now in Sept 2021, the Future World section of Epcot is a construction mess, but once you are in World Showcase the construction is behind you.   I recommend watching the movie with the kids prior to the ride to give them some context (but this is true with so many of the Disney rides!).  

Overall Remy’s Adventure is a good family ride in the classic Disney fashion. 

While you are in Epcot check out Space 220 for an immersive meal experience where the premise is you are dining amongst the stars while aboard a space station 220 miles above the earth!

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