Are you like us googling Priority Pass Denver Airport just to be surprised there is no Priority Pass Lounge in the Denver Airport? Well unfortunately that is true. We were in the Denver Airport in of summer of 2021 and summer 2022 and did find nice quiet FREE alternative areas.

** New part of Denver Airport Terminal C is opened! Bright, light, large, and plenty of great seating!**

Here are not only your alternative lounges to Priority Pass but also they are free alternatives. Since we use our Chase Sapphire Credit Card for our Priority Pass Airport Lounge access the choices were to leave terminal C for terminal B for free food at the Sweetwater Grill. Or find a free alternative that was quieter. Here I talk about 2 quiet options staying inside terminal b.

Does Denver Airport Have a Priority Pass Lounge?

The answer is No. It actually never did.

New! If you have Priority Pass restaurant access Sweetwaters in Terminal B now participates! For more information see our review!

NEW! New Gate Area in Terminal C!

I now recommend you check out the new gate area in terminal C.

Location of this Priority Pass Alternative

Located beyond the end of the old terminal (and the American Express Centurion Lounge. Gates 50-71.

Seating Options

There are many different seating options in this location. And now in early summer the gates are all not being used yet and it was empty!

From couches to tables and chairs, stand up tables to sit down desks, so many options!

Charging Availability

It seems like every single seat had a charger in this part of the airport!

Room for Children to MOVE

As a parent traveling I was usually looking for a place my children could move and run without bothering other passengers. A place to burn off some steam and energy! This area has plenty of places for that. Bonus, they overlook the runways!


The restrooms are so nice and large in the new part of the terminal! The sinks overlook the runway and the mountains! These restrooms are a large upgrade if you are a family who needs a changing table.

Looking for Free Food with Priority Pass?

If you are looking for free food and have Priority Pass Restaraunt, and a lot of time, then I recommend walking to Terminal B for Sweetwaters. With $28 per person in food credit, it is worth the walk. See our review here.

Free Alternative to Priority Pass Denver Lounge Upstairs Mid Terminal

There are nice quiet spaces in the Denver International Airport. No, you won’t have the free food and drinks and nicer bathrooms a priority pass lounge will give you. But if you are looking for a quieter space to spread out and charge electronics. This will work. You just need to LOOK UP by the main escalators down to baggage claim.

I have heard this area referred to as the Denver Secret Lounge. Don’t have time to walk all the way to the new terminal C area? This area will work, but it is not nearly as nice!

How to Access?

Many people will not notice there are escalators going up right from the food court. Where do they lead? Lucky for you the lead to an overflow eating area that is pretty secluded and quiet.

What is in the Area?

The first time we were there in May 2021 there were tables to eat and other seating. The 2nd time in July 2021 the eating tables as been removed.

We were in Concourse (Terminal) C Southwest. But I have seen photos of lounge chairs pre-covid in Terminal A.

It is possible to find charging outlets in this area along with seating with plenty of space. It is also large enough for children to have space to get out some energy.

The only other space on this level was the Southwest Employee Lounge.


Restrooms are NOT on the level of this “secret lounge”. The restrooms are on the main level with the restaurants and gates. They are right at the bottom of the escalators.

Other Denver Airport Lounges at DEN

Really want a lounge instead. Here are your options:

Concourse A

American Airlines Admirals Club

Delta Sky Club

USO Lounge

Concourse B

United Club – There are 2

Concourse C

Centurion Lounge – which is accessible with the Amex Platinum Credit Card

Summary of Airport Lounge Alternative Denver

The upstairs space in Concourse C is a good alternative to the Priority Pass Lounges we usually access through the chase sapphire airport lounge program. While there is no free food and drinks (and not Priority Pass Restaurants in the Denver airport either), you can easily obtain food in the food court below and bring it up the escalators. The restrooms are located on the main level right at the bottom of the escalators. It was quiet and had charging outlets.

If you are traveling through the Denver Airport to Hawaii, make sure you check out the reviews of the Priority Pass Lounge Maui OGG and the Ko’Olina Lounge HNL. Or check out all my Priority Pass Lounge Reviews!

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