This is a review of the Minute Suites Priority Pass lounge in the Nashville BNA Airport located near gate D3.  We accessed this lounge for free with our Priority Pass membership.  

We had an exhausting, long delay in the Nashville airport this week.   Travel is up and it’s been crowded!  We were disappointed to learn there was no priority pass lounge at the Nashville airport. But surprise!  There was a Minute Suite right next to our gate. We weren’t sure what to think, but we loved it!  We went to inquire and found we got 1 hour free with our priority pass membership.  Sign me up!

Make sure you sign up early if you have a long delay, as a reservation is required if they are busy. The employees explained it is like a restaurant, with an estimated time and they called when a room was opened.

What is Included at Minute Suites Nashville?

Not much. A quiet place to rest and charge electronics.

You get a small room with a couch, pull-out bed, desk, and chair. They provided a pillow as well. My teenage son quickly pulled out the bed, and fell asleep. The lights have dimmers and there is a white noise system we did not try. 

There are several outlets and USB ports for charging.  Which was so great after being in the airport for a long time. There was also free wifi and a TV. There are snacks and drinks for additional purchase.  

What is Not Included at Minute Suites Nashville?

Food and Drinks

There is only a small amount of food and drinks available for an additional purchase.


There are no restrooms in the lounge area.


I was surprised how much I enjoyed this lounge since it was so simple. Our room was clean and comfortably fit 2 people. We did get a peek at a larger room on our way out.  Our 1 hour was perfect for us, just enough to recharge.  If you are a priority pass member and have a delay with hours until your next flight, check out the Minute Suites Lounge in the Nashville International Airport.  

For more information regarding Priority Pass click here. Or here for more information regarding Priority Pass via Chase Sapphire Reserve Card.

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