Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway is opening on March 4, 2020, in Disney’s Hollywood Studios! Who is as excited as we are?! The new ride will replace The Great Movie Ride at the Chinese Theater. The ride will be the first Mickey Mouse-themed ride-through attraction in the history of Disney theme parks!

My daughter Marissa was lucky enough to ride the ride early! Read her review!

Mickey and Minnie’s runaway railway is a family-friendly trackless ride that truly showcases Mickey and Minnie in their first-ever ride. The ride begins with watching a new Mickey Mouse Short titled a Perfect Picnic. After a situation happens which is lead by Goofy, you literally step into the movie and enter the cartoon world of Mickey Mouse!

The ride is good for all ages with nothing overly scary that would frighten little ones. There is a lot of wind during the ride so you may want to hold onto hat or anything that could fly away.

With the trackless system, you never know exactly where the runaway railway will take you.  It combines screens with real animatronics and set pieces. The ride is vibrant with lots of colors as if you are inside a cartoon.

It is smooth moving, some parts do spin, but you are not spinning fast. The ride does move backward a little bit. There are 2 rows in each vehicle, with 4 vehicles staying together throughout the ride.

During the preshow, there is a good amount of smoke. So if you don’t feel like breathing in the fog from a fog machine it is recommended you stand near the back of the room.

Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway is a great fun new ride for all ages in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. What a great fun way to honor Mickey and Minnie in their first-ever ride! in typical Disney fashion, the ride has multiple levels of details and I can not wait to go back and ride it again!

Thank you, Marissa, for sharing your experience with us! Leave us a comment if you are lucky enough to have snagged fast passes on your next Disney trip!

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