The Goofy 5 drove through the Flamingo Crossing and the new Disney Village College Program Housing area today (mid-June 2021). There has been a lot of construction progress! If you are not familiar with this area of Disney, it is on the west side of Walt Disney World, not far from the Animal Kingdom. It used to be a very quiet area, but as we say today the area overall is booming.

Eventually, the Flamingo Crossing Village area will offer more than 50 shopping and dining options, plus 1,700 parking spaces. Target is set to open in 2021. There is also another apartment complex in the area not connected to Disney, called the Westerly which is now leasing.

Hotels in the Flamingo Crossing Area

Currently, there are several hotels open with more to open shortly for a total of seven.

New Disney College Program Housing

The Disney College Program will be housing up to 10,400 students in this area. More info on the new Disney College Program Housing, Flamingo Crossing Village, can be found here.

Shopping in Flamingo Crossing

We could see the start of many of the restaurant and shop buildings. The Walgreens looks about done and the Target looks to have quite a ways to go. The 2020 pandemic did seem to slow the completion of many of the buildings, as can be seen on this sign photo taken in early 2020.

Flamingo Crossing Sign
Flamingo Crossing Sign

Westerly Apartments

Located directly across from one of the 2 Disney College Program apartment sections is the Westerly Apartments. They will benefit from close proximity to highway 429 and the shopping close by. And the fact that many former Disney College Program participants stay on at Disney and in the Orlando area.


The Flamingo Crossing Area will be a great addition to the Disney College Program. The convenience of dining and shopping, along with the proximity to Disney. The overall area is under tremendous growth and will benefit from the addition of jobs to the area as well. Check out the area called Horizon’s West for info on the fast-growing residential area on the west side of Disney World.

Updates coming soon!

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