ALL of the Times Walt Disney World Has Closed

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  1. So heartbreaking to think of this closure, even though I know it’s necessary! I hope Orlando’s economy is able to survive this disaster.

  2. Interesting information! I had actually been wondering about this – I knew about the hurricanes and Sept 11 generally, but I didn’t know the specific dates. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Wow! We live in crazy times, for sure.

  4. It’s so crazy how long all the parks are closing this time! I didn’t even realize Walt Disney World actually closed some during all those hurricanes! It makes sense but wow. Hoping everything gets back to normal soon!

  5. What a great timeline! you know things aren’t great when Disney closes.

  6. It is so sad isn’t it?

  7. I am worried about our economy here in Orlando, it is so dependant on tourists and the theme parks.

  8. I’m a Disney fanatic. It’s breaking my heart to see all these closures. I’m sad for the situation, sad for all the folks whose first Disney experience was ruined. It’s crazy to see the other times it has closed.

  9. Very thorough post. It’s so heartbreaking because it just sheds light on this horrible situation. Thanks for sharing.

  10. It is unfortunate that even Disney has to close but thankfully it is only temporary and in the best interests of the health and well-being of a nation. We take a lot of things for granted and I believe that even the fact that Disney too can be impacted will generate more respect for the Most Magical Place on Earth.

  11. wow so crazy that this is making history everywhere. I am so sad for all the families and children who are having to reschedule their trips to Disney but we know it is all for the best. Hopefully this all dies out soon and we can get to travel again!

  12. I was curious about how many times they had closed in the past. This is just insane! Hopefully everything is back to normal by September for our planned trip.

  13. I really hope it is back to normal for your September trip too Brittany!

  14. Living very close to Disneyland, this hits close to my heart. Thanks for sharing and hoping we all find a new normal soon.

  15. I was talking about this with my friends who I worked with at Disney World from 2008-2010. We thought ‘wow, what a fun time to be there for the College Program, thinking they would just have a couple weeks off to party and lounge by the pools.’ We were very sad for the students that they are all being sent home. That was the most magical and memorable experience of my life. I’m sorry it has been cut short for them!

  16. I have heard it is such an amazing experience for so many. It is so sad that they got send home so abruptly.
    They are building new college program housing. The complex is HUGE. It will be interesting to see if this changes anything in the program going forward.

  17. I love Disneyworld and am so sad at the closings, but realize it is completely necessary and the right steps to take. Feeling very sad for all of the families that had trips planned during the closure 🙁

  18. It’s so necessary in this time of social distancing to keep us all safe! I can’t believe that they’re closed longer than two weeks. That’s monumental.

  19. Second Chance Wanderlust says:

    While it is sad that the magic is postponed for many, I do commend Disney for taking these precautionary measures and closing the parks. I am sure that it was a tough decision, but helped ensure the safety of all those who love Disney!

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